Comprehensive Digital Marketing Plan

As a way to improve overall sales, efforts need to be made with Google Ads that tie into the website, automations between sales reps and customers, and follow up on customer documentation that they receive as part of a sale. The goal for each of these digital marketing efforts will be to improve not only outreach to customers online, but to also improve the turnaround and customer experience as they move from a lead to a sale.

Plan of Action

As we work through your digital marketing efforts, we will be working toward completing 5 different improvements to your workflows:

  1. Scheduling Appointments ($750)
    1. We will assist in designing a sales process based on a response to customers requesting service. This includes creating and automating emails and text messaging.
    2. We will build out automations around the information that BlackBerry sends out when someone schedules an appointment.
    3. Information for these automated processes will be based on the current model of manually sent emails, with pictures of sales reps, information about the appointment, etc.
  2. Appointment Confirmations/Reminders ($750)
    1. We will craft email & text messages for appointment confirmations.
    2. Reminder text messages will be designed and automated, based on the current system of 24 hours prior to the appointment.
    3. Branding and design will be done through custom coding in HTML.
  3. Progress Letters ($750)
    1. We will plan, create, and automate email & text messages for “Progress Letters.”
    2. Progress letter design and messaging will be based off of current-printed designs.
    3. Automation for progress letters will be based on job status as the trigger.
  4. One-time Text/Email Campaign ($300)
    1. We will create and build out a one-time text/email campaign.
      • We will assist in expanding out your referral program. An example of this would be notices for gift cards to be sent out via automation from landing pages/forms submissions.
  5. Google Review/Referral Request ($250)
    1. We will help to create a review/referral request program that runs monthly, every 30/60/90 days.

Any other automations or processes that need to be built out can be discussed depending on the scope and ability of MarketSharp to provide the tools necessary.

A business proposal

Scheduling Appointments (one-time fee)

Includes all services noted above to create and automate emails and text messaging.


Appointment Confirmation/Reminders (one-time fee)


Progress Letters (one-time fee)

Includes all services noted above to create automations for progress letters.


One-Time Text/Email Campaign (one-time fee)

Includes all services noted above to provide text and email content to send out as a one-time campaign.


Google Review/Referral Request (one-time fee)

Includes all services noted above to provide content for a repeating review/request system.