Comprehensive Digital Marketing Plan

As a way to improve overall sales, efforts need to be made with Google Ads that tie into the website, automations between sales reps and customers, and follow up on customer documentation that they receive as part of a sale. The goal for each of these digital marketing efforts will be to improve not only outreach to customers online, but to also improve the turnaround and customer experience as they move from a lead to a sale.

Plan of Action

As we work through your digital marketing efforts, we will be working toward completing 3 different improvements to your workflows:

  1. Set up Ads/Forms ($900 + $150/month + ad click budget) Cost is per campaign.
      1. We will create a Google Ads and Retargeting account that utilizes some of your target and top performing keywords to reach a wider online audience for your business.
      2. We will create landing pages that Ads will take customers to. Each will have language relating to the specific focus keywords/topics that the individual Ads discuss. This will make for a streamlined and efficient way for customers to find more information about a service or product that they are interested in.
      3. We will create contact forms on each landing page that will allow the customers who click on your Ads to immediately have a way to contact you.
  2. Sales Rep Assignment/Reminders based on Incoming Leads from Ads ($1250 one time)
      1. We will create automations that trigger when someone fills out a contact form from Ads that assigns those customers to a specific sales rep. This can be you as the sales manager to re-assign reps based on the type and location of the project too.
        • Response Email to Client indicating that someone will be in contact with them soon.
        • Notice email to Sales Manager for Assignment to a Rep
        • Once Assigned, Email generated to the lead telling them about their rep, and providing contact information asking to reply with available time to meet. (automatic calendar scheduling is additional if necessary).
      2. For this process we will also create reminders involving the assigned sales rep to ensure the customer is being reached out to regularly before the sale is either made or they are dropped as a lead.
      3. Workflow developed to follow up with lead (1 email), and notify rep (1 email) if no meeting is scheduled.
  3. Proposal Follow Up for Customers ($1500 one time)
    1. Once a customer has been sent a proposal, we will create a follow up workflow as part of automations that will be sent out to them after a set amount of time. The timeline for this can be set up according to your regular schedule.
      1. Initial proposal follow up (1 email)
      2. 2nd proposal follow up (1 email at ~3 days after proposal sent)
      3. 3rd proposal follow up with lead and Sales Rep notification to call (2 emails at ~1 week after proposal sent)
      4. Additional proposal follow ups would be $250 each to compose and add to workflow).
      5. Once a proposal is accepted, a workflow would generate:
        • 1 Email to rep and 1 email to client confirming the project.
        • 1 Email to the production/service/scheduling department.

Any other automations or processes that need to be built out can be discussed depending on the scope and ability of MarketSharp to provide the tools necessary. Text message marketing can be added to these workflows as well

A business proposal

Set up Ads & Forms (one-time fee)

Includes all services noted above to create Ads campaigns and forms for automations.


Cost is per campaign

Ads Management & Click Costs (monthly fee)

$150/month + Ad Click Budget

Cost is per campaign

Sales Rep Assignment/Reminders based on Incoming Leads from Ads (one-time fee)

Includes all services noted above to create automations and reminders for incoming leads from Ads.


Proposal Follow Up for Customers (one-time fee)

Includes all services noted above to provide automated follow-up reminders for customer proposals, as well as related emails.