Creative Marketing Group believes that the true power of branding comes from a deep understanding of your business: its strengths, mission, vision, and target market. By delving into these concepts, a clear and consistent message will emerge.  Working through our proven process, you will be satisfied with a brand that is useful and representative for years to come.  Creating a long term brand doesn’t simply come from the logo itself, but the use of it in ways that tell your story, and convey the intended messaging that builds your brand by disseminating it to your audience through a variety of platforms and channels.

Your Solution

Our goal is to develop a clear and concise logo that supports brand growth and creates recognition across social and real-world platforms. The logo will be the door that will help you connect with your customers and communicate your brand effectively.

The Benefits

Here are a few key reasons why you’d benefit from partnering with us:

  • We keep you involved at every step of the process. This improves results and makes the entire project easier.
  • Your logo will be entirely original, crafted by an experienced logo designer, and be more than a flashy graphic — it will be a powerful, visual manifestation of your brand’s identity.
  • Our staff will communicate with you in a prompt, professional manner throughout the project.

Brand Development

Your logo is a key pillar of your company’s identity, and the process through which it is created and refined is important to your long-term success. We see a lot of competitors who ask a handful of questions before disappearing for a period of time, returning with a logo and an invoice. We prefer to take a more collaborative approach that keeps you involved at every stage.

Here’s what to expect:

Understanding You

Your logo should communicate both who and what you are. We begin every logo design project with a client interview, during which we’ll build an understanding of the tangible and intangible things that make your company and team unique.


Before we draw a single line, we take everything we learned in our discussion with you and think about the best way to communicate who you are and what your company stands for. This will allow us to develop a few high-quality concepts that meet your expectations.

Review & Revise

This is your chance to weigh in. Take a look and see what we’ve come up and measure it against your vision of your company brand. You will provide us with feedback on font choice, color, style, etc. and we will rework one or two of the concepts.


Once we’ve crafted a logo design that you’re happy with, we’ll provide you with all of the digital files you’ll need to put the logo to good use, as well as a release granting you sole ownership of your new company logo.

Logo Development

  • 4 to 5 concepts
  • All formats | Source Files (AI, EPS, PDF, etc.)
  • Files for web and print (RGB and CMYK)
  • Logo in color and black & white
  • Includes up to 3 rounds of iterations of one initial concept (Additional iterations are billable hourly against your retainer)

Collateral and Design Standards Development

Includes designs for collateral materials including Brochures, Flyers, Letterhead, Note Cards, Envelopes, and Business cards.

Note: 1 round of revisions is included with each of these items, and additional revisions are billable hourly. 

Please also note that we can help with website development, signage, and promotional and advertising design too.

Brand Standards Guide

A Brand Standards Guide is a compilation of primary visual and written standards regarding the expression of your brand. It includes a brand statement, fonts and usage guideline, color palette, brand elements and examples with detailed dimensions.

Please note that brand standards guides can be very simple, or become very complex.  Final cost does depend on length, overall detail and complexity of the finished product.  Please keep in mind that this tool is invaluable to guide the long term consistency in application and display of your brand.

Branding Design & Standards Development

Includes all services and deliverables noted above. Additional hourly rate is $125/hour