Website Maintenance

Monthly hours can be used for anything website related

Enhanced Search Function


Calendar Display Updates

Calendar Requests for Single Events Page:

Auto-crop thumbnail images on main events page to 250 x 250: images can be resized on the fly, but not cropped on the fly. The images will be cropped to the correct size from the center of the image.

Rearrange layout of single events page: See the new proposed layout to the right.

Individual Event Page Template Development


Search the Collection

Create an interim section between the “Search Collection” button and the eMuseum site. This section would look and function similar to the Exhibitions section. Clicking “Search Collection” would take users to a page that lists the items in the collection with images and titles like this page: Clicking on an image will take users to a page with the artwork details, a larger image, and supporting images (if available). The look will be similar to an exhibition detail page: From this detail page, there will be a link to the eMuseum site for more information.

We will set up the functionality, the screens for your staff to populate the section, and the templates for displaying the content.

Search the Collection Section


Miscellaneous Notes

Youth Landing Page

Previously quoted, and just need content before moving forward.


Monthly Management Plan

This service is intended to cover all of your needs. Each month, we would conduct a full review of the site, checking to ensure everything is working properly, making adjustments when necessary, and updating plugins, themes, and core WordPress files. This will help to ensure that the site is operating cohesively and that all of the parts are streamlined, connected, and working together. We will also perform requested updates as necessary.

  • Site Functionality Review
  • Plugin Updates Included
  • Hosting
  • SSL
  • Domain Management
  • Content Updates as Needed
  • ADA Compliance

*  Does not include special projects, major functionality changes, or custom programming.  SEO or Search Marketing plans are additional if necessary.