Farmers’ Market Addition

Project Details

To accomplish your goal of integrating into, there are two avenues that we can take:

Incorporate Farmers’ Market into RACC Site

Add a section that would include its own sub-navigation. For example, if users clicked on Richland Farmers’ Market in the navigation, they would be taken to a page that had the same header, navigation and footer as the rest of the site, but would also include a line of navigation at the top of each Farmers’ Market page to navigate within that section. The advantage of this option is that the RACC site would retain consistent branding throughout the Farmers’ Market section. However, adding a secondary navigation to the large main navigation might be a little overwhelming to the user.

Use a Subdomain to Create a Separate Site

This option creates a stand-alone WordPress installation as a subdomain of RACC (ie, This would be an entirely separate website, but would use the RACC domain to link the sites via url. The advantage of this is a cleaner navigation and more prominent Farmers’ Market branding. We could still use the RACC logo on this site along with the Farmers’ Market logo to further link the two entities. The disadvantage would be an additional login area to make updates.

The Timeline

We anticipate this project to take 4 to 6 weeks to complete.

Farmers’ Market Addition