Website Design

Your website is often the first way that your clients and prospects learn about your brand, so it has to work hard — making a visual impression, loading quickly and helping users find the content they seek — ultimately driving engagement and conversions.

Starting from scratch or modifying an existing site, our expertise gives you the results you’re looking for. We spend time understanding your brand, your look, your ideas and what your end goal is. We understand your needs aren’t the same as the next person’s and know how to improve or design your site accordingly. Your website can be built for customer engagement, customer retention, product highlights, portfolios, sales leads, promotion and so much more.

We build a detailed launch plan that plans out each step in the process and who is responsible for that step. This approach minimizes the chances that an unexpected event will occur and disrupt the process.

Our team is in tune with what your brand and your audience needs, collaborating every step of the way, from initial brainstorms through testing on multiple browsers, phones and tablets. Features and functionality are always considered from user experience, visual and development perspectives.

We approach every custom designed website project with real-world insights and data-driven analysis to ensure smooth user experience and an unfettered customer journey.

Project Details

  • Design a 5 to 10-page site with a clean, modern look and feel
  • Make the site responsive and mobile friendly
  • Link with iClassPro to handle online registration and student tracking
  • Build video capabilities into the banner and testimonials throughout
  • Ensure that the site is easy to update and expand
  • Create contact forms and action items throughout the site
  • Build the site structure for future high quality SEO expansion if necessary

Website Design


iClassPro Development & Support

* Other plans and options available, please ask.




Our dedicated hosting server managed by highly-trained technicians offer you:

  • 100% guaranteed uptime
  • Secure Socket Layer
  • CMS & Theme updates included
  • Routine scans for susceptible points
  • Hardened server configurations
  • Anti-virus monitoring
  • Daily backups




Marketing Automation

Customer Management & Marketing Automation

As a way to manage your site’s visitors, organize your sales funnel, and convert potential customers into solid, qualified leads, our customer management and marketing automation software is unmatched. With a massive number of features that allow you to better identify, manage, and market to visitors, our software leads the industry in features, functionality, and ease of use. Whether you’re looking to optimize your funnel, identify new opportunities, market yourself to a list of potential customers, or stay in touch with existing clients, we can help.

This program begins with a 60-day training course, where we meet twice per week for a half hour to discuss the software’s features and, more importantly, how you can use it to better position your business. During this course, we will cover all of the software’s capabilities but will focus more intensely on the capabilities that provide the solutions and functionality that you need.

Lead Generation Capabilities

  • Customer and contact management, up to 100,000 contacts*
  • Sales funnel and opportunity management
  • Newsletter and email mailing, tracking, and reporting, up to 25,000 emails per month**
  • In-depth reporting and customer identification
  • Automated marketing to qualified leads and existing customers
  • Form integration to track and identify your visitors

* Additional contacts above 100,000 can be added at $12 per thousand.
** Additional emails above 25,000 can be sent at $6 per thousand, up to 500,000.

Lead Generation (Setup)


Lead Generation (Software License)



Lead Generation Support (Hourly)

System changes, content creation, workflow building and more can all be provided through a monthly service retainer if you need.  Ask us for details anytime